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We can provide 12, 24, 32, 36, and 48 Volt Alternator Regulation

Next Step Regulator, Version 2, (NS2)

The NS2 is available in two models. One covers 12 and 24 Volt alternators while the second model covers 32, 36 and 48 Volt Alternators.

See the NS2 data sheet for more information.

EnerMatic Controller

The EnerMatic Controller can be configured to operate with 12, 24, 32, 36, or 48 Volt systems.

See the EnerMatic Controller data sheet for more information.

32 Volt Genie Diesel Battery Chargers

Once popular with fishing boats and large power cruisers, 32 Volt systems are a dying choice. However, Ample Power Diesel Battery Chargers can be supplied in 32 Volts. The single cylinder engine can generate 50 Amps at 32 Volts while the two cylinder engine and supply 120 Amps.

Perhaps it's time to get rid of the old AC genset that's just used to drive a puny AC charger and replace it with some real Amps direct from an Ample Power alternator.

48 Volt Genie Diesel Battery Chargers

Take your pick of ampacity at 48 Volts. A single alternator on the two cylinder diesel can provide 100 Amps. You can double that with two of our 48V alternators on a three cylinder diesel.

At 200 Amps and an absorption voltage of 57.6 Volts, 11.5 kWatts is being generated. That's enough to make an diesel/electric boat a reality, or keep up with demands at a huge cellular phone site.

Boat builder and OEM inquiries are welcome.

Ample Power products are manufactured by Ample Technology, 2442 NW Market St., #43, Seattle, WA 98107 - USA