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NOTE: All documents are compressed in the zip or tar.gz format to decrease download time.

Linux Users: To unzip use unzip `'

Windows 9x/NT Users: The documents can be uncompressed using WinZip, but some versions of IE automatically decompress the files without telling you. All zipped up manuals are in *.zip format, which Winzip 7.0, and possibly older versions support. Consult for your particular platform and for the latest acrobat reader, version 3.0 and above should work.

Netscape Problems: Netscape and possibly other browsers rely on MIME types to be defined in order to automatically open files. You may be prompted to assign an application to open the files. Choose Winzip.

Using PDF Files

Portable Document Format requires the Acrobat Reader from Adobe Software. Get a free copy of Acrobat Reader here.

Energy Monitor Code Example

The example code file is a program to interface to the Energy Monitor/Controller and log data from it. The code is written in C, so unless you are a C programmer it will make no sense. The code compiles and runs under Linux. The Slang library is required.

To port the code to another OS will require changing the serial port access code, which is contained in com_cntl.c. The rest of the code should be fairly portable.

NO SUPPORT PROVIDED: There is no support available for users of the code example. All email regarding this subject will go unanswered. The people who answer the tech support line are not C programmers and cannot help.