Issues with EMON II / H1

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Issues with EMON II / H1

Postby ted on Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:59 pm

I am currently cruising on my boat in the channel islands off Southern California and noticed last night that my EMON II was acting up. Namely, while the monitor was scrolling through its normal data- bat temp, trip usage, amp draw, voltage on bat 1 and 2, etc, voltage and amp draw registered while things like total capacity, history, amps used, amps remaining were all 0.0

This morning I called Ample Power and talked to a lady who told me to try disconnecting the power to the unit at the fuse. I did, heard a faint alarm sound from the unit at the moment I removed the fuse, and when I returned the fuse to its rubber holder near the main battery bank, the display was completely dead- nothing, zip, nada.

So what can I do? I believe the unit not only monitors my battery consumption but also acts as a controller for the alternator/charging system. I am concerned that the next time I'm forced to motor in light air I will fry my battery bank. When I turned on the Yanmar to charge the batteries and refer this morning instead of the secondary battery voltage meter on the panel showing a gradual increase in battery voltage, it quickly shot up to 14.2 volts (which only happened over a longer period of time when the EMON was working correctly). I assume I am blasting my batteries now that the unit is no longer working since the battery voltages shot up so fast. Help!
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Re: Issues with EMON II / H1

Postby Coulomb on Thu Sep 23, 2010 7:37 pm

A new message regarding this issue has been posted. Please refer to that message.
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