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1990's Ample Power Monitor Settings

PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 5:48 am
by Otter
Hello, new to this forum and Ample Power. Need help setting up 1990's monitor. I've read manual but know little about battery charging on a sailboat.
Just purchased 3 Deka Batteries: Starter battery 31P and House Battery two 8A4DM wired in parallel. Have not been able to get information from Deka. If have a suggestion on getting their help it would be appreciated. Need the following for Starter and House Battery:

1. Voltage at which battery gasses. 2. Absorption voltage. 3. Float voltage. 4. Final equalization Voltage. 5. The output current reference. 6. Upper limit of battery temperature. 7. Amp-hour size of battery (31P 100?) and two (8A4DM 396?). 8. Peukert's Exponent. 9. High Voltage alarm set point. 10. Low voltage alarm set point. 11. Full charge voltage (14.4-14.6?) 12. Full charge current

Your help is appreciated. Thank you and all best wishes,