Best way to add solar and wind to an EMON II - H1 system

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Best way to add solar and wind to an EMON II - H1 system

Postby Jonah on Thu Jul 03, 2014 1:43 pm


I am new to this stuff so please forgive any ignorant questions. Last year my wife and I bought Orion, a 41' ketch. The boat currently has the following components in her electric grid: Ample Power Alternator Model 4023, Ample Power regulator Next-12P (12V P-type Alt.), Ample Power Eliminator, Ample Power Emon II - H1, a Trace Engineering 1.5kW Power inverter/charger, 2 - 8D GelTech batteries (house) and 2 - GRP 24 GelTech batteries (starter). We would like to add solar and wind power to the system and we would like the EMON to monitor and possibly regulate them. Here are my current questions:

How do I connect the wind and solar into this system? Some months back Ruth suggested using the Ample Power EM Relays but she doesn’t think Ample Power makes these any longer.

Does the power from the wind and solar first go to a non-Ample Power controller (e.g. OutBack FlexMax MPPT controller) and then to a controller that the EMON controls? Or does the power go directly to a controller controlled by the EMON?

If the power does go directly to an EMON controller does the power from the wind generator first need to be converted to DC (it generates AC)?

Could I use non-Ample Power controllers (e.g. OutBack FlexMax MPPT controller) connected directly to the batteries but still have the EMON monitor it all? This is not my ideal set up. I’d rather have the EMON control the wind and solar.

In your opinion, what would be the simplest and most effective way to connect wind and solar to our system?

Thank you so much for your time, knowledge and help.

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