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Re: EMON and Full Charge

Postby dvkall on Fri Feb 13, 2015 11:11 pm

Ok, I set the EMON FullV to 13.6 and this is what I end up with:

After a good run the Volts are 13.83 and amps 2.1
10 minutes later Volts are the same and amps1.7

After 25 minutes the volts were still 13.83 and amps 1.9

EMON was saying the batteries were at 100% for this entire time.

Still did not go to float.

Second night run: Started out with Battery at 84% For the entire time the charge cycled at 2 sec off 10 sec's on. Approximately. I ran the refrigeration and have the connection to drop the charge to 60 amps. Continued to cycle. With refrigeration on it cycled between 15 amps and 60 for awhile then cycled between off and on for the rest of the time. With out refrigeration it cycled up to 117 amps and then off and on to 117 amps. The alternator is a 160 amp AmpTech hot rated. This is frustrating!!!!

I did find an question checking my wiring. For Chassis Ground and Shield I think there is to be a twisted pair there but the drawing and the manual does not show a twisted pair as it does in the SAR3 manual. Is that a twisted pair back to the ground?
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Re: EMON and Full Charge

Postby Coulomb on Tue Feb 24, 2015 12:57 am

You have a grounding problem. You need to connect all the grounds exactly as shown on the wiring diagram. The regulator ground must presently be wired in series with the main alternator ground connection so that alternator current changes the potential of the regulator, hence the fluctuating Amps.
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