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Correct controller settings and amp hours remaining

PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 5:08 pm
by WillR
We are experiencing problems with our measurements of % remaining as measured by our Ample Power Energy Monitor. When charging using our alternators we cannot return to a full charge as measured by the Emon. The regulator goes to float mode while we are still near 50% remaining.

We wonder if the setting in the controller are correct for our configuration. Here are the specifics

Concorde AGM 2 volt x 6 in series
Amp Hours 624 at 24 hour rating
Model PVX-6240T
Branded as Sun XTENDER.
Absorption Voltage 14.2 @ 85 deg
Float Voltage 13.2 @ 85 deg
Recommended Peukert setting: 1.12
Last 3from the Concorde Lifeline battery manual.

Ample Smart Alternator Regulator V3
Battery type set to Concorde AGM on regulator switches
Ample Dual Alternator Controller (2 alternators on two diesels)
Ample Energy Monitor / Controller 2001
Charger settings
Op Mode: Auto
Controller Settings
B1 Full: False
Volt Lo: 13.38
Volt Hi: 13.80
Temp Cmp: True
SOC Lo: 70.2
SOC Hi: 95.0%
B1 Settings:
Size: 624.0.
Peukert: 1.174n
Effic: 91.9
Full V: 14.66V
Full A: 30.2
End %RM: 30.0%
B1C Lo: 90%
Hi Amps: 300.0A
Tempcal: 89F


1) After the regulator has switched to float mode, the engines have been shut off and everything turned off (both charge and load) our House bank registers 12.6 volts on the EMON while our % remaining reads less than 50%. According to the Concorde manual 12.6 volts indicates at least a 75% charge for new batteries. Our batteries are 3-5 years old. We understand that amp hours remaining gradually becomes less accurate but we have run the batteries down to 35% charge and then tried to recharge them without the amp hours resetting. The last time we saw 100% was when we had shore power for a couple of days but this was months ago as we are in the South Pacific. We also have seen 100 % after turning off all power to the EMON. How should the reset be accomplished if we are using alternators to charge?
2) Are the B1 and controller settings appropriate for our configuration. In particular I question the Volt Lo, Volt Hi, Peukert settings.
3) Our batteries are rated at 24 hours while the EMON Controller Size setting says it should be rated at 20 hours. Should we adjust our setting down from 624?

Re: Correct controller settings and amp hours remaining

PostPosted: Tue Apr 28, 2015 10:55 pm
by Coulomb
Please review the manual found here:

Read the section under Program/B1 Menu

Re: Correct controller settings and amp hours remaining

PostPosted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:17 am
by WillR
I have already read the manual but didn't find that it answered my questions.

For example, do the batteries absorption Nd float voltages correspond to the controllers Volts Hi and Volts Lo?.
Do we need to adjust the Size setting since our amp hour rating is at the 24 hour rate?
how do we reset the Amp Hours remaining if becomes inaccurate.
From the information we have given above are our B1 and controllers setting correct?

The manual descriptions are just to terse to answer my questions.

Re: Correct controller settings and amp hours remaining

PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 4:22 pm
by WillR
Can someone answer my questions? I've tried calling Ample Power for support and I was told the forum was the only way to receive support. The manual does not answer my questions. Thank you.