EAMON 11 Repair or replacement?

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EAMON 11 Repair or replacement?

Postby Rod17 on Fri Aug 14, 2015 3:26 pm

We run a theoretical 490 amp hours of Sonnenchein 2 volt cells to yield a 24 volt supply. There is also an engine starter bank fitted and monitored for voltage at 24 also. The main charging system is a Mastervolt Chargemaster 100/24-3 (fed by an 8KVA Northern Lightgenset or shore power) that begins to charge at or very close to 100 amps after a night of power usage. We also have a Smart Regulator V2 and a Smart Charger Regulator to regulate charging when the main engine is operating.

The problem is that in the morning the house bank may be as low as 50% remaining at say 220 amps, I start the genset and the charging amps quickly becomes near to 100 amps but within say 15 - 20 minutes it has dropped to say 50 amps and continues to drop way before the batteries show an adequate amperage. Today for instance after 20 minutes battery voltage showed 27.9 volts at both the Emon and also at the battery terminals and the charge rate was less than 50 amps and the total battery amps was still only at 275 amps. I then continue to run the genset for several more hours, the battery voltage comes up to 28.38 but the total amp hours remaining in the Emon is still way too low. When we go back to the marina berth and attach shore power the total amps remaining takes at least 12 - 15 hours to get back up to say 450 amps.

Recently I did a capacity test on the Sonnenchein house bank by running and maintaining a 49 amp discharge rate for a bit over 11 hours and still the batteries were not down as low as the designated voltages at the 10 hour rate. This indicated the batteries are OK.

I have had exemplary service from your systems for 20 years and I am reluctant to install a competitive battery monitor unit because of the potential change to the appearance of the power board and all the associated wiring, especially if the current system can be fixed.

I hope I have made sense of the current situation and you can give us a clue as to the nature of the problem and a possible remedy. Are you able to give me an idea as to what the problem might be and where we can test and check to identify it and if there may be a remedy to this problem. Alternatively, can you recommend a suitable replacement product that I could install in place of the EMON 11?

Regards Rod
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