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Like most companies in the U.S. economy, Ample Power was forced to cut back expenses in 2009 to survive. Unfortunately for everyone we were forced to let Bob, the friendly voice of support and our repair tech go. (Thankfully he was able to get another good job and is doing well.)

The Support Forum, in lieu of telephone support, was born out of necessity.

Repair of broken gear is still a problem, however. There is not enough repair work to keep a full time person on staff, so we're using a person part time to do repairs. Calling him in to repair a single unit would be very expensive, so repairs are only done when more than a single unit needs to be fixed.

However, waiting is a hardship for some people. If you're one of them, we can guarantee a one week turn around, but there is a rush fee of $250.00 plus the normal repair cost, (typically under $200.00).

We don't like the circumstances any more that our users, but we weren't part of the housing asset bubble, and we haven't received any bailout money either. But we are still here and seeing business slowly get better. And, we still want to keep those products working out there!

Thanks for being patient.
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