Can't or won't Read

Can't or won't Read

Postby Coulomb on Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:56 pm

Is there a difference between a person who is unable to read and one who will not read?

Are they both lazy? One for not learning how to read, and the other for not reading?

We met someone who couldn't read at a show where we were exhibiting Ample Power gear. For three days he hung around the booth and asked questions. After a while I began pointing out the answers to his questions in the Ample Power Primer and gave him a copy to take home.
On the fourth day his wife was with him. It was then I discovered he had never learned to read. I'd point out the answer, she'd read it to him.

When we offered general support by email, we had a file of common questions and answers. The answers could be dragged and dropped into a reply. At some point the common file stopped growing -- were all the questions answered?

Even though most of the issues had been "back ported" into manuals, troubleshooting guides and other documents, the same questions still got asked in emails on a regular basis.

It was obviously not profitable to sell a regulator for a small amount and then spend a lot of time supporting the unit because the owner couldn't or wouldn't read. If selling a widget means losing money in support costs, it's better not to sell it.

The forum was born with the idea that questions and answers could be organized along product lines. Members of the forum would be part of a community, sharing problems and getting answers. Each question and answer would build on the information about a product.

Of course that only works for people willing to do some research, not those who can't or won't read.

The Ample Power site has more informational resources than any other web site regarding small energy systems and battery management. It's free except for the two books.

But you have to be willing to read.

Is there a way to join the forum? Yes, but you have to read, maybe even
do a search. Here is a quote from a recent email. "Also, I don't
have a Login ID, and don't see how on your support forum to register for

And here is another quote from a recent email. "However I will not be
buying any of your products. If I cannot speak to a company
representative, sales or technical, in person, then I am not

We're sorry, but we don't have time to speak to everyone who can't or won't read. We don't have time to point out answers found on our website to all the individuals who can't or won't read.

Sorry, but the day is too short.
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