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Wiring Design Advice

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 10:24 am
by PatM
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I acquired a 42 foot Whitby that came with three battery banks, and get this, four 1-2-Both-Off switches. I purchased a used Genie 12-150 EL-300 Kubota with a SARV3, a Freedom 3012 Inverter/150 Amp Charger, two engine alternators 55 amps each with internal regulators. I have a starter battery and what will be a 5 to 7 battery house bank once I connect the two house banks.

My Freedom manual has me connecting the charger to the positive and negative leads on opposite ends of the house bank and an isolator for the engine alternator attached to the same point on house and to start battery positive. It seems this is considered a no-no. What I need is some advice on perhaps using the DAC or the Eliminator or both in conjunction with my four and what will be six different charging sources, and where are my attachment points(each source to a different battery, if so, in what order of preference, do I use Bus Bars, direct to batteries, a combination of both, shunts/no-shunts, etc). Should I get additional external regulators for my engine alternators? Also plan on installing wind gen and solar. I may as well purchase what I need now, and reconfigure the entire system.

Notice the 4 AWG from alternator to starter. I assume previous owner was using his house bank as his starting bank. Is this necessary?

Thank you for any assistance or advice,


Re: Wiring Design Advice

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:01 pm
by Coulomb
Get rid of all switches that have engine alternator or Genie alternator running through them. Wire one switch as an emergency parallel switch only.

Dump the isolator.

Collapse the system to a starter battery and a house bank. Use a DAC to regulate either or both alternators. Use a parallel solenoid with the SARV3 to charge the starter battery any time the house is being charged.

Follow the wiring diagram in the SARV3 manual.

Typically the Genie is started from the starter battery. Depending on length, and #8 or #6 gauge is sufficient.

Re: Wiring Design Advice

PostPosted: Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:43 am
by PatM
I appreciate the reply, and had gotten a lot of that info from the site, but a confirmation is always nice.

Still a few questions.

1) Just taking into consideration the three alternators and the battery charger, and not the solar and wind. Do I hook the three (Genie and two engine) alternator positive charging poles to a single bus bar? Can I cause any damage to any of the charging sources if all are hooked up to the same distribution bar? If not, do I hook up the bus bar to the same battery leads as the charger, or do I hook the bus bar up to the exact opposite battery leads on the ends of the house bank? Or do I hook up the bus bar to the middle batter of the five? Or do I not use a bus bar, and hook up each alternator to a different battery in the 5 parallel series of house bank batteries?

2) What type and brand of parallel solenoid do you recommend?

3) Is the SARV3 Manual just the info listed on this site under the topic, or is their a different manual?

4) Do you recommend using shunts for any purpose?

5) Per the picture, it seems to me that whatever bank the Genie is charging, is also the same one that would be giving power to the starter, since both the bank and the starter are interconnected at the Genie alternator. If I actually hooked the starting battery up to the starter and the Genie was on the house bank, then it seems that I have hooked up the two banks together via house bank to Genie alternator, Genie alternator to starter, starter to starter battery. Am I missing something?