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Dip switch settings Smart Charge Manager

PostPosted: Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:40 pm
by jholl
Hello fine folks at Ample Power,
Long time fan (own/have read both books) first time info seeker.
I recently dusted off a Smart Charge Manager and Power Converter to be
used with a 31ah deep cycle battery. I use it as a power pack for a
portable camp shower unit meaning I only charge at home not while on the
Question: I left the default settings ("Ample Power Gel") as I did not see
my specific battery listed. Any guidance you can offer?
Battery is: West Marine Gel Deep Cycle 31ah U1 24 months
Dip switch settings are: on / on / on
Smart Charge Manager: S/N : 905012386 FPower Converter PSC55-12 S/N 341A

p/s is there a simple way to log the charging cycle(s) to P/C?