Up-grading my ample power charging system

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Up-grading my ample power charging system

Postby BarbRick on Tue Aug 26, 2014 5:31 am

Current 12 volt system on my single diesel engine boat is comprised of:

Xantrax 458 2500 watt Charger/Inverter (3 years old) feeding a house batt bank and a start batt bank.
An Ample power Auto Switch with latching solenoid.
An Ample power regulator Next Step 12 p
An Ample Power alternator Model PT 59, serial 144, volts 12, Amps 160-147

I have just purchased from Ample Power:

A new Ample Power Alt 4059-S and a rebuild kit for the old one
A new "Next Step Regulator" Model NS2-12/24v equipped with the Battery Combiner Option

I want to be able to manage charging both banks from the alt when running the diesel, and when from shore power thru the Xantrax when at the dock.

My Questions:

How should the new equipment be installed and integrated with the Xantrax charger?
Should I acquire a new Ample Power Solenoid and retire the old auto switch and solenoid? (I prefer to have all new equipment in this system as the old equipment is a least 10 yrs old.)
Is the "Next Step Regulator" Model NS2-12/24v my best choice or should I upgrade to SAR-V3?

I would like to see a wiring schematic showing how all of the above should be wired.
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Re: Up-grading my ample power charging system

Postby Coulomb on Tue Aug 26, 2014 7:51 pm

There's no interaction required between the inverter and the Ample system.

The NS2 is simply and effective, and the solenoid will keep the starter battery charged from the alternator.

There is nothing special about the wiring, so follow the manuals.
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