12 v Snubber

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12 v Snubber

Postby Jbig on Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:52 am

I don't see anything this simple or elementary in any of the other posts, but . . . .

I fried the regulator on my alternator by passing the battery selector switch through "off" while the engine was running. So, I bought a 12 v. snubber from Ample Power to prevent THAT from happening again.

I was in the process of installing the snubber between the 12 v. alternator positive output and ground. The snubber has a "+" written in magic marker on one of its leads.

To verify that I was working with the correct snubber connections, I decided to test the snubber with the diode tester on my multimeter. Initially, when I put the positive lead of the multimeter into the "+" marked lead of the snubber and the multimeter negative into the other snubber lead, the multimeter read "OL". Reversing the leads gave a reading of 0.541 volts. When I repeated the process, I got "OL" on the multimeter regardless of which probe was plugged into which snubber lead - that is, no voltage readings at all.

1. The correct installation of the snubber is positive marked snubber lead to the positive post of the alternator, negative snubber lead to ground?
2. What import (if any) do the "OL" (over limit) readings have?
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Re: 12 v Snubber

Postby Coulomb on Tue Sep 01, 2015 12:30 pm

The lead marked positive connects to the positive terminal of the alternator.

The readings are normal.
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