Compatibility with Yanmar engine monitoring systems

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Compatibility with Yanmar engine monitoring systems

Postby macmoon on Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:09 pm

I have a 9 year old 4JH3 Yanmar engine whose monitoring functions have not been functioning since the Ample Power Alternator and Quad Cycle regulator were installed. I have a highly experienced electronics engineer trying to remedy the problem. He feels that the charge control light (alternator light on the Yanmar panel) needs to be connected to the field terminal on my AP alternator, but is reluctant to do so w/o asking first, since the QuadCycle regulator's circuitry is not familiar. Has any one had this problem? When I turn on the key switch, the buzzer and warning lights do not come on,as they should, until the engine starts. I would like to regain the use of the warning systems that protect my engine from gross abuse.

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Re: Compatibility with Yanmar engine monitoring systems

Postby sv.grainne on Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:18 am


I cannot speak to the regulator that you have but I have a Yanmar 3JH2E and the original alarm light was wired to the Yanmar Alternator via a black/blue wire which was at ground potential when the alternator was not producing charge current.
The other side of the bulb/audible alarm is tied via the ignition switch to +12vdc.

The field winding (P Type) of your ample power alternator would be at or near ground potential (just the resistance of the field winding) if it is not being driven by the regulator. If you connect an ohm meter to the field terminal with the ignition switch off you can confirm this.

Tie the alarm wire to ground with the ignition switch on and you should have the light and audible alarm on. Once you confirm that then you could tie the wire to your alternator filed terminal and the alarm circuit should work again. Keep in mind though that if the field winding goes open circuit the alram circuit wired in this manner will not operate.

I have the alaram circuit on my boat tied through a relay to my Ample Power SAR V3 alarm terminal so any of the alarm conditions that the regulator can produce are visibly and aurally duplicated at the helm control panel.

Hope this helps some.

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