V3 LED questions

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V3 LED questions

Postby petedd on Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:00 am

Sorry but my search abilities failed to find answers to these question in the forum.

I have three LED related questions about the V3. My V3 (Rev 2.6 chip) is on a 6hp diesel 12v genset. Works great in terms of the stage, voltages, and currents.

1) With on/off off (zero Volts), while okay charging us going on, red LEDS flashes one sec on, 3 sec off " can't turn field on". The unit should not be trying to turn the field on with the on/off off. Canyon please explain?

2) with genset running (on/off on), everything seems to be working great but I get occasional flashes of the Red LED whole in Gas, Bulk, or Absorption modes. At best this is a 1 sec on 6 sec off pattern but more often it seems to be just a one second red flash. Table 2 of the manual for the V3 has no interpretation for 1/6 pattern.

3) Today is Christmas but on all other days I don't need the remote LEDs on my genset control panel flashing red and green, when the genset is off. (3/3 pattern of green LED jeans on/off is off). One solution would be to use a relay to switch B+ on only when the on/off input is energized. Any potential harm in doing that?

Many thanks and happy holidays.
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