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SAR V3 and DAC

PostPosted: Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:09 pm
I just installed a DAC in conjunction with a SAR V3. The SAR V3 was already installed on the boat and I did not verify if it worked properly in its solo state. I am not getting a field voltage at the DAC or at the SAR V3 when the engines are started therefore no charging is occuring. It is wired exactly as in the diagram that came with the DAC. Here is what I know: No lights on the SAR V3 come on. DAC Voltages at all terminals when ignition is off are at terminal #1 - 12.46V; #2 - 0.00V; #3 0.00V; #4 - 0.00V; #5 - 0.00V; #6 - 12.46V; #7 - 0.00V; #8 - 0.00V; #9 - 0.00V; #10 - 0.00V(Reference Ground); #11 - 12.46V; #12 - 12.46V. SAR V3 at all terminals connected when ignition is off are at terminal #2(On/Off) - 12.46V; #3(Alt.Grnd.) - 0.00V; #4(B+) - 12.46V; #5(Field) - 12.46V. I do have T+ and T- hooked up to the sender, but did not take readings here. When I turn the ignition switches on the changes that occur are the following: On the DAC terminal #1 10.5V; # 2 - 10.50V; #3 - 8.90V; #4 - .02V; #5 - .02V; #6 - .02V. The changes on the SAR V3 are: #2 10.5V; #5 - .02V. Suspecting that the voltage is too low at the ignition terminals I jumpered one of the teminals directly to the battery with the only change being the DAC #1 being 12.46V and SAR V3 #2 being 12.46V. The only other notible difference is that I hear a click when I jump the ignition terminal directly from the battery. But even with the better voltage I still only see .02V at the field outs. Is the SAR V3 faulty? Could the temp sensor cause a problem? Could the DAC be a problem? What steps should I take to diaginose the problem?

Thank you.
CTECH Marine Electric