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SAR V3 Settings

PostPosted: Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:09 am
by HansR
I have continuing problems with my new batteries. Drain too fast under load although SG remains high!
I just wanted to check the appropriate settings of the EMon under Programming the Charger References. The document says that the suggested values and only for SAR V1 and 2. Are those under V3 different or set elsewhere?
My current settings are:
Gas? 13.80V
Absorb? 14.40V
Float? 13.6V
Equalize? 16.2V
Amps? 40A
Minutes? 240

My Xantrex 60A battery charger goes outside the Ample Control panel, directly to the batteries with only the negative on the panel neg so that can read Volts and Amps etc. The engine alternator runs through the panel.

Would appreciate your advice.