Custom Charge Setpoints.

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Custom Charge Setpoints.

Postby Coulomb on Wed Mar 19, 2014 12:04 pm

Any product with multi-step charging and battery temperature compensation has "borrowed" technology first developed by engineers at Ample Power Company.

We also spent considerable time logging charge data to a PC and analyzing that data for optimum charge parameters for various batteries.
The analysis was condensed and used by the Smart Alternator Regulator behind the dip switch selections.

During the testing phase we discovered that factory specifications for charging were not optimum. The Ample Power gel selection on the dip switches is quite different than the East Penn Gel settings based on their published specs.

The setpoints have not been published -- maybe preventing them from being "borrowed" also.

With some new battery technology, and those who want to set their regulators to factory specs which are higher voltage, some new adjustment method can be used.

Before making adjustments, be sure to disconnect the T+ terminal from the battery temperature sensor so that temperature compensation will not interfere with the setpoint.

First choose a dip switch setting to provide the absorption time desired.

Absorption Time: Selection:
150 minutes Thick Plate Liquid
100 minutes Medium Plate Liquid
80 minutes Ample Power Gel

Now add a resistor in series with the voltage sense line, labelled BAT_VOLTS, Pin 8 on the SAR V3 wiring diagram. Adding 100 Ohms will increase the setpoint by 50 mV, (0.05 Volts), above 14.4 Volts.

Example: You want a final absorption voltage of 14.9 Volts. The difference is 0.5 Volts above 14.4. That's 10 times 50 mV, so add 1000 Ohms.

Test, test, test. Don't just insert the resistor and walk away!
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