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Repair of SAR V3 and DAC -12?

PostPosted: Sun Aug 13, 2017 11:08 am
by bjrichar
Greetings, over the past two years I have noticed my tachs and ammeters dropping out when the battery monitor reads 99-100% charged and accepted this as normal. I would add some load, radar, extra lights and all would be fine again. This summer, the charging system starting dropping out at 90-91% so I investigated further. All connections are good and grounds are good. I am fortunate to have a spare SAR V3 and DAC-12 to use as a test. The SAR exchange made no difference but the new DAC brought the charging system back to work as before. I ordered new components from the online store but was told these units were no longer available . Two questions, first , can I send in the original DAC and SAR for evaluation and repair as replacements are NLA, and secondly, are these components designed to keep the tach running with just a small additional load? Since we have gone over to LED lighting and with the radar already running, it can be tough to add much load. Thank you.