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Error signal occasional / intermittent when reducing RPM

PostPosted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 4:47 pm
by GRichards

Bit of a jump in and go today to help a friend with a tow, so don't have my usual tool bag of tricks. I know it's a bit blind, but is there anything that would cause the error (red) circuit to come on briefly twice, followed by state (green) 1/1 green?

It seems to happen when throttling back
It triggers like this:

Green 1/1
Throttling back
Green 1/1
Red0.25-0.5 s on
Off 1s
Red 0.25-0.5s on
Green 1/1

I have twin engines installed through a DAC
Install has been ROCK SOLID for almost a decade
Engine room kept warm

Thanks for any insight