Next Step - simplify wiring

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Next Step - simplify wiring

Postby Wout on Thu Sep 14, 2017 7:11 pm

I'm tidying up the wiring of my Beneteau and want to simplify the wiring of the Next step smart regulator.

Wiring (relevant connections only) at present is as follows:

Next step B+ (power to Next step) is from house battery and is switched by a relay which is connected to the engine power switch (Volvo 2003 diesel engine), so Next Step only has power when engine power switch is on.
Next step "On/Off" is connected directly to engine power switch (so B+ and On/Off are switched simultaneously)
Next step "Parallel" is (only) connected to a relay (coil) that controls the charge warning light on the engine instrument panel. (parallel "on" switches warning light off)
Next step "battery sense" to house battery bank.
Alternator output is connected to "power Distribution point of house batteries.

Parallel switching of the house and start battery bank while charging is done independently by a Voltage Sensitive Relay (Voltage sense at house battery side)

I would like to simplify this as follows:

Next step B+ (power to next step) directly from engine power-switch (as sometimes referred to a ignition switch), so the Next Step is no longer powered by house batteries, but from start battery.
Next step "On/Off" to engine power switch, as B+ above.
Next step "parallel" to a continuous duty solenoid for switching start battery and house battery bank in parallel when charging, as in Next Step connection diagram. (Removing separate VSR)
Next step "battery sense" to start battery.
Alternator output to Start battery"

What I hope to achieve is:

- Give start battery priority during charging. Switch start and house batteries parallel when next step "parallel" comes ON (instead of separate VSR)
- Next step powered by start battery instead of house battery bank, so house batteries not necessarily connected to power the next step when starting engine.
- Get rid of 2 relays and VSR to simplify the system.
- When engine is stopped and engine power switch is off, the next step doesn't have power supply, "parallel" is off and solenoid is no longer activated and start and house batteries are separated.

The Next Step regulator instructions say "This is the only way the regulator should be wired". How literally should I take this? Is my proposed simpler wiring OK or have I missed something?


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