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Connections to Prestolite Alternator

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:41 pm
by captainbob
I have been using my Ample Power 3-Step+ Regulator to regulate an old
> Motorola 55-amp alternator since I bought the 3-Step from you in 1998.
> The Motorola finally gave up last week and I now have a replacement -
> a Prestolite 65-amp alternator. Like the Motorola, it comes with a
> regulator mounted on the end that I would like to bypass.
> The connections on the case are normal - Ground Lug to case and with
> ground lead from the regulator; Positive Lug with wire to the
> regulator for voltage sense; Tachometer; and Regulator Input with wire
> connected from the regulator. The regulator itself, besides the wires
> to ground and regulator input, has a voltage sense lug with a wire
> from the Positive Lug and Excitor (which is to be connected to 12 vdc
> from the engine oil pressure switch. I tried connecting the 3-Step
> Regulator with 3-Step Alternator Ground on the Ground Lug and the 3-Step Field Output to the lug on the alternator case
> labeled Regulator. This did not result in output from the alternator.
> What should the proper connections be for this alternator to work
> with the 3-Step?
> (FYI - I also have an Ample Power 1024 Alternator on the other side
> of the engine for charging the House Bank.)
> Please advise,

Re: Connections to Prestolite Alternator

PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 11:03 pm
by Coulomb
Here is information about modifying an automotive alternator to work with an external regulator.