NS2 configuration and functional questions

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NS2 configuration and functional questions

Postby Skj on Wed Sep 24, 2014 6:33 pm

I have a problem and are looking for a new regulator or put it in paralell with the existing one.

I will briefly try to explain my configuration and problem.

My Alternator in my boat is a 100A ISKRA with negative regulated field. I have 3 x 110Ah AGM batteries (EU type). 2 for service and 1 for start. The two battery banks (service/start) is separated with an intelligent distribution module (working real good) with battery sense. The sense most of the time is sensing on the start battery. This battery has almost no load and when fully charged takes some time to drop from 14.4 to 13.4V when charging is removed.

I have an external intelligent alternator regulator with battery sense, battery and alternator temp sensor also measuring voltage drops between alternator D+ and battery minus. If voltage drop is to high it means something is very wrong and it switches off the field. The regulator sense is connected to the sense on the intelligent distribution module. When the regulator switches from absorption to float mode it don’t do this by gradually reducing the field voltage over time, but cut the field voltage and wait for the battery voltage to fall down to the float voltage. The regulator float voltage is set to 13.4V.

This means I lose all charging while waiting for the battery voltage to drop from absorption 14.4V to the float at 13.4V. The field in this period get no input and the alternator is not charging. It also means I lose the tachometer connected to the alternator W terminal.

When the voltage on the sense (start battery) after some minutes drops below 13.4V , the regulator starts delivering and the tachometer starts working.

If heavily load is put on the battery with thruster/winch usage the intelligent switcher switches the alternator charge to the heavily loaded battery bank, but the regulator don't recognize this heavy load and continues to deliver the 13.4V float voltage. I would have wanted the regulator to detect this heavy load and then switched back to absorption, but the regulator float is solely timer controlled and will not switch back to bulk/absorption before the ignition switch is turned off/on.

I see the Next Step 2 generation has the intelligence to discover a heavy load and then return to absorption in order to keep up with the heavy load.

So to the questions I have about the Next Step 2 generation regulator:
Could the regulator be used in a configuration with a negative field (B-Circuit) alternator?
If the regulator senses heavy load and switch from float to absorption, will it then switch back to float immediately when the load is removed, or stay in absorption for a whole new absorption period?
Will the regulator drop/switch off the field while waiting for the battery voltage to fall from absorption to the float voltage setpoint, or gradually reduce the field voltage until the float voltage is reached and by this keep the charging going on during the fall off period from absorption to float is reached?
What is the shortest absorption time to set?
What is the lowest possible absorption setpoint?
What is the lowest possible float setpoint?

I have an idea of either put the NS2 in parallel with my existing regulator or replace the existing regulator with the NS2. The only thing I could see I would miss by replacing the existing regulator with an NS2 is the alternator temp sense and the voltage drop between alternator D+ and battery minus.
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Re: NS2 configuration and functional questions

Postby Coulomb on Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:48 am

Our regulators excite the field with a positive voltage.

If the NS2 switches from folat to absorption it will stay there for the length of the absorption time setting.

The SAR V3 is smarter and will switch back to float after some calculated time.
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