I Fixed The Problem, But Don't Know How

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I Fixed The Problem, But Don't Know How

Postby ggray on Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:46 pm

And that bothers me.

Problem: Not charging, and hasn't been for a month or more. Alternator OK because it charges when installed on other engine (this is a catamaran); i.e.,either alternator charges when installed on the other engine.

Error indicator light not lit. Amber parallel light is lit. Green light flashing.

Prepare to take measurements. Couldn't find my lead w/ alligator clip, so removed negative battery cable bolt to insert wire ring terminal. Engine switch turned off at this point.

But then the error indicator started flashing indicating voltage runaway. (We are hooked up to power and battery charger had been on.)

I think this is when I started switching things off. Engine battery, battery switch between batteries and panel. Everything I could think of. Was puzzled as the NS2 still had power (green light flashing) as I thought it was powered from the engine start switch. I think I was turning everything off trying to depower the NS2. No luck.

Anyway, let's start the engine and see what happens.... We now have a good charge from this engine/alt.!

Does this make any sense?

I still need to find where the NS2 gets its power. All this was installed at the manufacturer (well, the original NS was).
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