1060 alternator/SAR v3 problem charging

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1060 alternator/SAR v3 problem charging

Postby Guenter on Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:23 am

About a week ago I went from normal charging at about 130A (and normal regulator cycling through the program) to about 80A at start-up with battery at 12.2V. After 5 minutes, the engine loaded up which i later discovered was because the regulator had applied full field voltage. Turning off the regulator and then on, restored charging regime for a while until it "full fielded" again.

While "full fielded" i checked with my multimeter and I read about 40A at the positive terminal on the alternator and 170A on the negative! At the same time, I read 140A on the engine ground cable.

Several days ago, it started and ran normally through the entire charge cycle, though it seemed at a lower amperage than normal. Next day it was back to the "full field".

Today, on a hunch, I temporarily wired in the Emergency Alternator Bypass Switch (which I have carried all these many years), and discovered the alternator was still acting like it was "full fielded" though the field was drawing only 3-4A. The current at the alternator cables was as before.

Of course I don't run the alternator "full fielded" and have relied on solar and gas generator to charge the battery.

Any thoughts?
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