Installing a new PSC-12

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Installing a new PSC-12

Postby WHardy on Tue Sep 18, 2012 6:08 pm

Installing a new PSC-12

I received a new model PSC-12, serial #20080813-02, replacing a failed older model of PSC-12 , manufactured Sep. 14 1998, both rated 30amps.

The old model was supplied 110v from Genius Power inverter G-12-100 rated 1000 watts.

The new model is supplied 110v from a Aims DC to AC Power Inverter, with a soft start function, model PWRB 1250 rated 1250 watts.

A Smart Charge Manager controls the charger.

The old combination worked fine till one cool misty morning with a severely run down battery all the fuses in the inverter blew and some of the electronics in the inverter plus the charger was ruined even though the fuse on the charger did not blow.

The new inverter is unable to start the new charger because the overload relay in the inverter opens before the SCM can reduce the demand to the 30 amps out-put.

(The charger works fine on 110v shore power.)

What can I do to make this “lash-up” work even when the battery is severely run down?

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Re: Installing a new PSC-12

Postby Coulomb on Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:26 pm

Perhaps if you removed the fuse in the battery sense wire, turned on the inverter, and re-connected the wire it would work.

You will probably have to play with the timing of re-connection a little.

I hope that works!
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