Smart Charge Manager Error Indication

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Smart Charge Manager Error Indication

Postby captainbob on Sun Aug 02, 2015 6:31 pm

My SCM is giving me an error code #1 that "B+ is missing", (three seconds ON, one second OFF). I assume on TB 1, pin 3. When I measure the voltage at that pin the voltage is the same as the battery bank the chargers are connected to. I have tried tuning the unit off (disconnecting power to TB 1, pin 1 and disconnecting the charger control lines, I think TB 1, pins 9 and 12, because I disconnected each at the respective charger (there are two), letting it sit for a while and then re-connecting the lines). No reset as the error code soon reappeared.
Suggestions please. If the re is an open circuit after the input connector, is that repairable? Is there something else I should try before accepting that the input has an open circuit? Are replacement units available?
Thanks, captainbob
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