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High temp cutout

PostPosted: Fri Apr 08, 2011 2:52 am
by Katmai
My Genie 12/150 is a new install, I now have two hours of run time.
Problem: Genie run controller shuts engine down on high temp.
Some data at run controller shutdown condition:
Cooling 50/50 glycol temperature 160F
Lazeret temperature 90F, salt water temp about 70F.
Max charge witnessed is 117 amps, prior to shut down charge reduced to 50 amps.
Genie is mounted in Ample Power sound box and in aft lazeret exactly per information supplied.
If I ground engine temp swith Genie keeps running and temp reaches about 180F.

At 180F glycol temp and alternator charging about 50 amps the run controller relay begins to bounce even with the temp switch grounded. If I turn the alternator off then all is fine again. This only happens when the glycol temp is above 160F. I don't see the relation between run controller and alternator, this maybe a separate issue to above.

Suggestions are welcome