2 questions re NS2

For issues involving the NS2 regulator.

2 questions re NS2

Postby Palt on Fri Jul 29, 2011 7:27 pm

I see you require a set of voltage measurements to engage in any trouble shooting assistance with new purchasers
I don’t believe my question below involves trouble shooting just a quick answer, especially if it is “no”.

Perhaps I should tried to have had my Next -12P regulator repaired rather than ordering a new NS2, which just arrived. I see that the lock feature is no longer part of the unit. Or at least it isn’t referred to in the instructions.

This was very helpful in my installation as it enabled me to kick it down to float voltage if I had already just gone through the absorption cycle and then restarted the engine or to stay in the absorption phase a little longer if needed.

Is there any way to accomplish that on this new NS2?

Additionally, I have discovered an anomaly in the functioning of the NS2 which is now installed. The Amber LED stays on most of the time when the on/off power is off – and there is current present at TB2-pin 1 – it’s not just a stray small leakage driving the LED, you get a spark shorting the pin to ground. It turns off intermittently for a short time but mainly it stays on – and is always on when charging. When it does turn off there is no voltage at TB2-pin1.

I’m currently not using that Pin 1 parallel function, but I was considering connecting it to SPDT relay to connect/disconnect the warning light and beeper on the instrument panel for the alternator – a function the “lamp” circuit used to do on my Next -12P regulator. (Also, It doesn’t work to just connect the lamp-beeper circuit to the field as it causes the beeper to chirp repeatedly, especially in float without a lot of other current draws.)

So, below are my voltage measurements. Could you tell me if the “paralleling circuit” is defective and additionally answer my question above.

Thank you
Off On Running
TB1-1 13.27 12.79* 13.4 *on includes warning lights, beeper and electric fuel pump running as a draw off the battery.
-2 0 12.61 31.21
-3 0 0 0
-4 13.27 12.92 13.55
-5 0 12.88 13.57
-6 2.93 2.92 2.98
-7 0 12mV 50mV
-8 0 12mV 50mV
TB2-1 13.22 12.86 13.4
-2 0 28mV ~150mV (varies)
Green 3/3 2/1 2/1
Amber On On On
Red Off Off Off
Field Off On On

Thank you,
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Re: 2 questions re NS2

Postby Coulomb on Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:59 pm

Sorry, he NS2 does not have a Lock feature.

The parallel control works differently than the older Next Step. It is active when the ignition is off. This allows it to act as a battery combiner at all times, not just when the engine is running. It is activated anytime the house battery is being charged.
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