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NS2 regulator

Postby kidnapper on Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:43 pm

I have just upgraded my Next Step 12P to the NS2.on start up the red led is out,the parallel led stays on.The green led is flashing absorption.14.4v charge to the start battery.No charge to the house bank.On the old regulator the parallel wire ran to a paralleling relay that delays the charge going to the house bank for approx 30 secs to avoid any start up spikes.
Could this relay be causing the problem? with the engine running there is 11.5 volts showing at this relay.Everything was working ok,with the old 12P.
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Re: NS2 regulator

Postby Coulomb on Tue Sep 25, 2012 12:14 pm

It sounds like you have a couple wiring issues.

Did you check the polarity of the parallel signal? It's different than the original Next Step regulator.

The alternator should be wired directly to the house bank without intervening switches or solenoids. If not wired this way it is only a matter of time before the switch or solenoid opens momentarily and blows up the regulator, the alternator and other electronic devices.
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