Smart Alternator different readings between Pt and starboard

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Smart Alternator different readings between Pt and starboard

Postby Avoss on Fri Oct 25, 2013 2:58 pm

I have a Smart Regulator V3 that is a 2003 model. The problem that I am having is the amperage out on the starboard side is not the same as on the port side. Typically, the port side puts out between 2 and 6 amps, whereas the starboard side puts out from 18-20 amps at low RPM just after starting. During testing, an error code came up: the light was one second on and six seconds off. There is no error indicator for that sequence in the chart. When measured, we found the field current being sent to the port side regulator is the same as the field current being sent to the starboard side regulator. The wiring all seems be good. It seems like the field current is varying beyond the parameters of the bulk absorption float three-stage charging. When we bypassed the regulator and full-fielded the alternators, they put out 100%. Maybe the battery sensing is not working on the regulator, and therefore it does not know what to regulate because it doesn't have the voltage at the sense terminal. The field wire could be compressed on the way to the alternator but that is a very low probability. The relays for the field current are right at the smart regulator and the wires are fairly equal length to each alternator.

In addition, I had my electrician take voltage measurements:

Row Signal Connected Ign. Off Ign. On Ign. And running
1 Parallel NO CONNX 0.31 0.577 13.16
2 ON/OFF 0.0015 12.6 13.50
3 GROUND 0.0005 0.0056 0.0023
4 B+ 12.84 12.53 14.15
5 FIELD 0.0007 12.26 4.79
6 ALT.GND 0.0006 0.035 0.114
7 LOCK NO CONNX 0.0013 0.002 0.002
8 BAT.VOLTS 12.84 13.208 14.17
9 T-(BLK) 0.0005 0.0001 0.003
10 T+(RED) 3.09 3.042 3.09
11 ABS NO CONNX 0.001 0.0018 0.0014
12 ERROR LAMP NO CONNX 0.090 0.537 0.355
13 STATUS LAMP NO CONNX 12.737>0.55 12.77>0.55 14.04
14 LIMIT NO CONNX 0.0018 0.0029 0.0009
15 EQL NO CONNX 0.0016 0.0015 0.0009

I look forward to your response.

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Re: Smart Alternator different readings between Pt and starboard

Postby Coulomb on Fri Oct 25, 2013 3:05 pm

This is an alternator issue. Both fields are saturated at full field, but one field is more sensitive that the other, so at less than saturation, the least sensitive lags.
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