Problems with old V2 SAR

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Problems with old V2 SAR

Postby Jdosen on Thu Apr 24, 2014 6:09 pm

I have an older Smart Alternator Regulator model V2 on my boat. It controls the alternators on two engines and there are two battery banks.

Engines have not been charging of late and checking it out today I notice that I have fried the field wire at terminal 2-10. Terminal screw has apparently been overheated and won't unscrew (presumably there is a nut embedded in plastic for the terminal screw to screw into and I assume the plastic has melted. I can turn the terminal screw but it doesn't undo. Plastic divider between 2-10 and 2-9 has also partially melted. All fuses were OK.

Since I can't get the terminal screw off to change the wire I assume the SAR needs to be replaced but before doing so I have the following questions:

What might have caused a high voltage/amperage to 2-10? - alternator or SAR? - or are both suspect?

Is there a dealer/distributor for your current replacement SAR in British Columbia (Vancouver area)?

Is there much of a wiring change if I went to the V3 or will the V2 wiring suffice?

What's the cost of the V3? In stock? If it normally comes with a wiring harness, and wiring is the same as the V2, then is there money to be saved?

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Re: Problems with old V2 SAR

Postby Coulomb on Fri Apr 25, 2014 10:31 pm

The V2 regulator is about 25 years old. We're not going to speculate about the cause of failure.

The wiring you have can be re-used for the V3, however, you will need to cut off the terminals and strip the wires to use with the V3 terminals.

You can contact Reed Electric for a V3.
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