Results of break-in process on 3yr old gels

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Results of break-in process on 3yr old gels

Postby stansroga on Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:24 am

This is a followup to your suggestion to try your "break-in" procedure on my gels b4 replacing them. So that I could do that I bought your manual, "Living on 12 Volts With ample Power"

I have 2, 8d East Penn gel house batteries rated at 225ah each.
I am charging them with a 100 amp Xantrex/LINK 1000
I used a 17 amp load (all the lights in the boat) to discharge the batteries down to a resting 10.5v (10.2v under the 17a load)
I did 5 break-in rounds with the two batteries connected in parallel
It took from 11 hrs (first round ) to 14 hours (fifth round) to discharge the batteries
It took about 5 hours to charge each round. The charger started out at about 54A and tapered off to Float
On round 1 it took 183ah to discharge the combined battery bank, going from 13.35v resting to 10.5v resting.
By rounds 3-5 it took 227ah so there was some improvement in the first three rounds

1. I should be seeing around 400ah to discharge down to 10.5v instead of 227ah , true?
2. Since 227ah is way low should I get new batteries?
3. Because I stopped charging at Float instead of Equalizing to Full, do I need to repeat the process.
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Re: Results of break-in process on 3yr old gels

Postby Coulomb on Thu Nov 05, 2009 12:26 pm

You have to charge to full each time.

See this URL to know what full is.
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