How to Retain My Ample Equipment

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How to Retain My Ample Equipment

Postby Dadidoc on Tue Mar 09, 2010 5:04 pm

Folks are tempting me to buy a Balmar alternator with their latest regulator with all the doodads to put on my Perkins 4.154 on my 1984 Morgan Out Island. I have a non-Balmar 100 amp self regulating alternator that I would like to convert and re-establish a link and work with my

12V Smart Regulator Serial number SAR V2 WR T19929

[no brand] 100 amp self regulating alternator from Battery Shack in Marathon, Florida

My equipment also includes
Ample Energy Monitor II
Heart Interface EMS Inverter SN 57171

See very detailed pictures at

1. Can you sell me a 100 AMP alternator and re-establish a link to the current equipment ?
2. Can I disable the self exciting feature of my current alternator and establish link to regulator ?

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Re: How to Retain My Ample Equipment

Postby Coulomb on Wed Mar 10, 2010 3:53 pm

We have 124 Amp alternators that will fit the engine. The regulator you have is close to 20 years old. There are lots of them still working, but you should be thinking about upgrading it.

The so-called 100 Amp, self-exciting alternator is probably more like 50 if rated across temperature like Ample Alternators. It would probably burn up if driven by an external regulator. Keep it as a spare.

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