two battery bank set-up

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two battery bank set-up

Postby luso on Sat Jul 10, 2010 8:01 am

> Hello, I have a few
> questions so maybe I can ask you.?
> I have a two battery bank system on my boat.Both banks consist of gel
> batteries.
> Bank one: (House) Is 3 8D gel batteries totaling 675 amps.
> Bank two: (starter) 1 8D gel battery with 225 amps.
> All are 12 volts.
> I also have an array of solar panels totaling 675 watts, a wind generator,
> and an alternator with 80 amps.
> I am trying to charge both battery banks automatically.
> Someone gave me some of your products:
> 1. Bank Manager 2
> 2. Eliminator serial # EL512-142 rating 5A
> 3. Alternator Current Sensor serial #1008-1041
> 4. Smart Shunt 12V serial #1107
> I was reading the Manuel and would like to know if the eliminator can
> charge both my banks being that they both consist of gel batteries?
> On the Manuel it refers only to the bank of the starter to being gel.
> Also on the eliminator it says the rating is 5 amps.
> My solar array puts out about 35 amps.
> Do I need a 3 step deep cycle regulator for the alternator?
> As you can see I have some questions that I need help with. I would love
> to use this product. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you .
> Thank You, Luso
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Re: two battery bank set-up

Postby Coulomb on Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:11 pm

The Eliminator connects between the house and starter battery. It limits current delivered to the starter battery to about 5 Amps maximum. Both batteries can be gel. Something needs to be charging the house battery before the Eliminator can deliver to the starter battery.

Solar current goes first to the house battery, and the rating doesn't affect Eliminator operation.

You should have a temperature compensated alternator regulator to protect the gel batteries from over charge.
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