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I Have a new used catamaran. I will four 4Ds Lifelines for the house as one bank, about 400ah usable, and a wet cell for each of two engines Yanmar 3GM30. I will have to change both alternators I think at this point.
I will have a wind generator now and will install solar next year.
I have a Xantrex Freedom 10 inverter-battery charger with Link 1000.
What Ample Power components would you recommend?
After reading you articles I am a little confused.
Regulating Two Alternators
The V3 can drive the field of two alternators directly. If the two alternators are on separate engines then a Dual Alternator Controller, DAC is required. The V3 and DAC combination work well in power boats where the two engines are side by side. In multi-hull vessels, where the engines are a great wiring distance from each other and the house battery bank, problems with RFI noise and regulator stresses from transients on the field wire make the V3/DAC method less than optimum.
The NS2 addresses this problem by utilizing an Alternator Driver Module. The NS2 itself is located near one engine, and the Driver near the other engine. High power field connections are short and thus RFI and transient problems are much less. Wiring is also simpler.
What is an Alternator Drive Module and where do I find one?
Can I use a solenoid for charging the starting batteries?
I looked at your preferred Multi System and it looks like I don’t use a DAC with the regulator.
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Re: Multi

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The Alternator Driver is not in production because there wasn't enough demand.

While the SAR V3 and DAC aren't the ideal solution, it does work and if you follow the wiring
diagram and twist the wires as indicated, then RFI is not a problem.
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