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Information You Can Count On

Why Ample Power?

Ample Power products exist for a simple reason ...to provide that extra level of performance that separates us from the pack. As an engineering directed firm, we know how hard it is to compete against glossy literature filled with feel good scenes, and a host of retailers selling commodity level performance.

An Educational Approach

Rather than attempt to gloss over the real electrical system issues, we have elected to supply as much useful information as possible. This information should enable you to sort through the confusion that surrounds electrical systems.

Our educational program is supported by sales of our products. We hope that you will become a faithful reader and a satisfied user of Ample Power products. Let us know what questions you have.

Judging Electrical Components

With all the hype, what's a user to do? There are very few articles in publications that do a respectable job of evaluating electrical system performance. Since it takes a skilled engineer to design fully functional equipment perhaps it takes one to do a comprehensive evaluation of it.

So, what should you do?

We've assembled this Primer as a starting point to gathering knowledge that will help you make a better decision on electrical system design. Browse our Products section for specific Product details and uses. Consider our two books, Living on 12 Volts with Ample Power and Wiring 12 Volts for Ample Power, which cover more specific topics and details of electrical systems. Read the information provided by others.