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Power Boat System

Twin Engines - AT9610285

Drawing AT9610285 shows the preferred system for twin engine power boats and multi-hull vessels when the battery banks can be located midway between the engines. Note that both alternators are regulated by a single Next Step Alternator Regulator. The alternators are connected in parallel and charge the house bank.

Single Starter Bank

Both engines are started by a single starter bank. That bank is charged with an Eliminator which siphons charge current from any source that is charging the house bank. The Eliminator is especially popular with boats in charter programs since it reduces the amount of systems that need tending by unskilled operators.

Engines can be started from the house bank by first closing switch S1, the emergency parallel switch.


The system is monitored with an Energy Monitor II, H1. The system can be any mix of 12 and 24 Volts, with power for the EMON II drawn from either.

Auxiliary Shunt

Inverter/charger draw and charge current is measured by the auxiliary shunt in series with the negative side of the inverter/charger. A 400 or 600 Amp shunt can be used by programming the proper scale factor in the Energy Monitor II.