AutoSwitchtm ...the Smart Charging Solenoid

Smart Charging Multiple Banks

Combining batteries in parallel can now be done smartly with the AutoSwitch, eliminating fears of overcharging the starter bank.

The AutoSwitch is a latching solenoid controlled by a microcomputer which permits safely charging a second battery in parallel with the house bank. A latching solenoid only draws power when the contacts are moved from open to close, or vice versa ...if your primary charge source is a solar panel, the AutoSwitch won't rob power to maintain closed contacts.

The AutoSwitch can be configured to operate in one of three battery combining, cross charge modes. To charge a second house bank, set the mode for continuous charge. As long as the voltage exceeds the setpoint, both batteries will be charged equally. When charge terminates, the Autoswitch will separate the two batteries ...automatically!

To charge a starter battery in parallel with the house battery, configure the AutoSwitch in either of two charge limiting modes. One mode terminates the cross charge after a setable time, while the other mode stops cross charging when the voltage reaches a preset value. The voltage limiting mode can even be adjusted to limit absorption charge on the starter battery, but pick it back up during float charge! This operates perfectly for smart battery chargers, alternators, and even solar panels!

Smart Solar Panel Control

The AutoSwitch can alternately be configured to operate as a solar panel controller. In this mode, the AutoSwitch opens and closes the solenoid at adjustable setpoints, connecting the solar panels when voltage is low, and disconnecting them as required to prevent overcharge. Because the AutoSwitch uses a latching solenoid instead of one that requires continuous coil power, average current consumption is very, very low!

Unlike `dumb' solar controllers, the AutoSwitch periodically checks to make sure that the solar panels are charging the battery. When the sun goes down, the solenoid opens ...and it rises at the crack of dawn to continue charging!

Smart Load Control

Alternately, the AutoSwitch can be configured to control loads ... without a continuous power drain to keep the solenoid closed. Use the AutoSwitch to turn off loads when batteries are low, and reconnect them automatically when battery power is again available.

Smart Temperature Compensation!

When batteries are warm, the maximum voltage that can be safely applied is less than at room temperature. The AutoSwitch will temperature compensate solar and cross charge setpoints according to the exact battery temperature when the optional temperature sensor is installed.

Temperature compensation is important for any type of battery, especially for sealed gel and AGM types.

High Current Rating

The AutoSwitch is available in two current ratings, 100 Amps and 200 Amps.

User Configurable

The AutoSwitch can be configured by the user to operate as one of the following:

Manual/External Control

In any configuration, the AutoSwitch accepts inputs to force the solenoid to open or close. This allows the AutoSwitch to operate under the control of manual switches, or other automated controllers. External inputs can be asserted at any time to suspend automatic operation and open or close the solenoid as directed.

Ordering Information

AutoSwitch-12, 12 Volt, 100 Amp AS12-100
AutoSwitch-12, 12 Volt, 200 Amp AS12-200
AutoSwitch-24, 24 Volt, 100 Amp AS24-100
AutoSwitch-24, 24 Volt, 200 Amp AS24-200
AutoSwitch-32, 32 Volt, 100 Amp AS32-100
AutoSwitch-32, 32 Volt, 200 Amp AS32-200
Temperature Sensor #2018
Manual Control Switch #AS-SW