Ample Power Bolt-In Electrical System

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Installation of multiple components such as an alternator regulator, an AC battery charger, a battery monitor, a cross charge controller, along with all the miscellaneous shunts and sensors can be a very time consuming and error prone exercise. When done by a professional marine electrician, the cost of installation can exceed the cost of the equipment.

Not any more! The Ample Power Bolt-In System, BIS, combines all of the above mentioned functions and more, pre-wired to eliminate most of the external wiring, and checked out at the factory to assure proper operation. Installation time drops from days to a few hours. For those planning an upgrade to an Ample Power Genie diesel battery charger, the BIS can be ordered with a second alternator current shunt.

The BIS provides all the functionality of the Smart Alternator Regulator, V3, the Energy Monitor/Controller, the Smart Charge Manager, the 55 A battery charger, PSC55-12, all shunts, solar and wind generator control, Dual Alternator Controller for two engine/alternators and both positive and negative distribution bars with an emergency parallel switch.

External wiring is minimized to simplify installation, and reduce the chances of mis-connections. The integrated result provides all battery management functions necessary for fast, full, charges and extended battery life.

Bolt-In System Functions

The BIS integrates many functions that would otherwise have to be individually mounted and wired, with perhaps hundreds of feet of discrete wires between functional units. The BIS uses an internal printed circuit board to reduce wiring and integrate the various functions. Such functions include:

Mechanical and Dimensions

The Bolt-In System is housed in a marine grade aluminum package which is power coated white for a pleasing and durable finish. The unit is 15.5 inches, (394 mm), wide by 11 inches, (280 mm), high by 17.25 inches, (439 mm), deep.

The unit weighs approximately 22 pounds, (10 kg).

The remotely mounted Energy Monitor/Controller is also packaged in marine grade aluminum, but power coated black. See the Energy Monitor/Controller for details.

Ordering Information

The Bolt-In Electrical System is available to boat builders from Ample Technology. Individuals wishing to purchase the system should contact PowerTap, Inc.

Bolt-In System #BIS-12V
Second Power Supply Charger #PSC55-12
Second High Side Current Sensor #HSCS-12
Wind Generator Load Bank, 20 Amps #LB-20
External Negative Distribution Bar #1039-5

Ample Power products are manufactured by Ample Technology, 2442 NW Market St., #43, Seattle, WA 98107 - USA