Dual Alternator Controller

Dual Alternator Controller

The Dual Alternator Controller, DAC, has been designed to solve two problems inherent in dual engine systems in powerboats and multi-hulls. Charging the same bank of batteries with two alternators is problematic in that one alternator usually does most of the work, and often, tachometer signals are lost from one engine.

The DAC allows both alternators to be regulated by a single Ample Power regulator, and the alternators will share the output current according to their rating and RPM. Both tachometers will therefore operate correctly.

With the Dual Alternator Controller, either engine can be operated by itself, or both engines can be run simultaneously.

The DAC can be used with the Next Step Regulator, or the more recent Smart Alternator Regulator, V3.

More Protection, Less Noise

The DAC incorporates additional protection from high voltage transient and also has circuits to help reduce electrical system noise.

Dimensions and Mounting

The DAC is 3 inches, (76.2 mm) long by 3 inches, (76.2 mm) wide. It stands 1.65 inches, (42 mm) off its mounting surface. It can be mounted in any orientation.

Ordering Information

Dual Alternator Controller, 12-Volt #DAC-12
Dual Alternator Controller, 24-Volt #DAC-24

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