EnerMatic Controller


Introduction to Energy Independence

The EnerMatic Controller integrates and automates all monitoring, regulation and control of small energy systems. The parameters of the house energy bank are continuously monitored, and the acquired data is used to control solar, wind, and engine driven chargers. The auxiliary engine is started when necessary, and shut off when the batteries no longer need it. The EnerMatic Controller is compatible with Ample Power bio-diesel battery chargers, rated up to 280 Amps, and may be used with AC generators driving inverter/chargers.

All control actions are automated according to user programmed parameters. Programming the EnerMatic is easily done using any personal computer, VT100 terminal or other device that can emulate a VT100. The user interface is based on menus, forms, and selections ...the kind of interfaces used on the Internet.

The EnerMatic is rich in features, highly accurate, and operated by firmware which can be upgraded any time a new version is released ...without removing the unit from the system. Simply download the latest version from the Internet and install it!

The EnerMatic has been designed to take the place of a myriad of other controllers, regulators, and monitors. If you presently have an energy system, or plan to own one in the future, the choice has never been simpler ... EnerMatic.

Automatic Energy ...your system

The EnerMatic Controller does it all ...

$\bullet$ starts/stops the auxiliary generator;
$\bullet$ monitors engine RPM;
$\bullet$ monitors engine water temperature;
$\bullet$ monitors engine oil pressure;
$\bullet$ controls engine oil exchange pump;
$\bullet$ regulates auxiliary and/or main engine alternators;
$\bullet$ monitors battery Volts, Amps, and temperature;
$\bullet$ monitors alternator current;
$\bullet$ controls solar and wind chargers;
$\bullet$ optionally regulates solar panels;
$\bullet$ controls starter battery cross charge solenoid;
$\bullet$ diverts excess solar/wind energy to primary/secondary loads;
$\bullet$ computes Amp-hours consumed;
$\bullet$ computes Ah remaining using Peukert's equation;
$\bullet$ interfaces to your Windows/Mac/Linux computer;

Features and Benefits Galore

$\bullet$ fast, powerful, yet low energy microcomputer:

$\rhd$ programmable in high level language;

$\rhd$ enough memory to provide a simple user interface using VT100 terminal emulater;

$\rhd$ flash based firmware for easy upgrades to newer Internet downloadable versions

$\rhd$ firmware upgrade via ubiquitous xmodem protocol

$\rhd$ two serial ports for computer plus network

$\bullet$ smart, temperature compensated, multi-step alternator regulation:

$\rhd$ a safe fast, full charge;

$\rhd$ minimizes engine hours and fuel consumption;

$\rhd$ extends battery life;

$\rhd$ shortproof field driver for ultimate reliability;

$\bullet$ real time clock/calendar with supercap backup:

$\rhd$ quiet times when the engine is not allowed to run;

$\rhd$ event time stamping for historical analysis;

$\rhd$ internal data logging of user selected parameters which can then be uploaded to a computer for input to a spreadsheet program;

$\bullet$ high resolution analog circuits;

$\rhd$ accurate Amp-hour computations of consumed and remaining;

$\bullet$ complete engine monitoring, starting and stopping:

$\rhd$ shutdown on loss of oil pressure, or overheating;

$\rhd$ automatic start and stop based on battery state-of-charge;

$\rhd$ automatic stop if alternator/regulator fails;

$\rhd$ operates remote radiator fan and/or hot water circulation pump;

$\rhd$ start/stop based on voltage/time, temperature, remote contact closure or combinations of these conditions;


$\bullet$ Remote homes;
$\bullet$ Remote telcom sites;
$\bullet$ Recreational vehicles;
$\bullet$ Pleasure and commercial vessels;
$\bullet$ Towed barges;
$\bullet$ Offshore platforms;

Optional Plug-In

Data logging for the EnerMatic system is done by a module which plugs onto the top of the Controller. That plug-in module may also contain the interface to the AC operated Ample Power Supply/Chargers, duplicating the smart charge methods of alternator regulation.

Dimensions and Weight

The EnerMatic enclosure is 13 inches,(33 cm) by 7 inches, (17.8 cm) by 2.5 inches, (6.3 cm). With the shunts and cables the weight is 3.5 pounds, (1.6 kg).

Ordering Information

The EnerMatic Controller is available without the engine start/stop package. As such, it is a battery monitor, alternator regulator, and solar/wind controller. This package includes the battery temperature sensor, and two 400 Amp shunts to measure battery current and alternator current.

The EnerMatic engine package includes the remote gauge panel, engine RPM sensor, and engine control relays. Engine package component require 12 Volts for operation.

Other optional items are ordered separately as shown below.

EnerMatic Controller, 12 Volts #EMC-12
EnerMatic Controller, 24 Volts #EMC-24
EnerMatic Controller, 48 Volts #EMC-48
EnerMatic Data Logger Module #EMC-DLOGR
EnerMatic Smart Charger Option #EMC-CHGR
EnerMatic Engine Package #EMC-ENG
Cross Charge Solenoid, 12 Volts, 200 Amps #SOL12-200
Cross Charge Solenoid, 24 Volts, 200 Amps #SOL24-200
Temperature Sensor, (hot water) #2018
Hot Water Control Relay, 12 Volts, 30 Amps #RLY30-12
Solar Control Relay, 12 Volts, 30 Amps #RLY30-12
Solar Control Relay, 12 Volts, 70 Amps #RLY70-12
Solar Control Relay, 24 Volts, 30 Amps #RLY30-24
Solar Control Relay, 24 Volts, 70 Amps #RLY70-24
Solar Regulator Module, 12 Volts, 40 Amps #SREG40-12
Solar Regulator Module, 24 Volts, 40 Amps #SREG40-24
Wind Generator Control Relay, 12 Volts, 30 Amps #WR30-12
Wind Generator Control Relay, 24 Volts, 30 Amps #WR30-24
Wind Generator Diversion Load, 12 Volts, 20 Amps #LB20-12


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