Ample Power Genie ...DC Amps Generators


Genie 150, and Genie 75

New Models

Two new 48V models are available ...100 Amps and 200 Amps. The familiar Kubota two cylinder diesel engine used for the 24V, 175 Amp Genie is now available driving a 100 Amp, 48 Volt alternator.

We're now also supplying a telecommunications company with a three cylinder Kubota diesel that spins two of the 100 Amps alternators and doesn't even groan at 200+ Amps at the absorption voltage of 57.6 Volts.

All 48V systems include the EnerMatic Controller for automatic start/stop.

See the EnerMatic Controller data sheet for more information.

A Fast, Full Charge

Charging batteries from an alternator is much more efficient than going through an AC generator and a battery charger. That's why we use Kubota diesels to drive large frame DC alternators charge batteries fast and full.

Chances are you'll already have an inverter onboard, so when you want AC, it's there whether you run the engine or not. If you want AC for a long time, then you'll have to run the engine to keep up with demand.

The Genie is perfect for multihulls using outboards which have limited charge capability, especially at anchor. It is also used by small sailboats owners who don't want to run their main engine just to charge batteries or make hot water.

Better By Design

What makes the Genie the best diesel charger available? Compare the features and benefits against other similiar units.

Genie 12V, 150 Amps

The G12/150 provides 150 Amps continuously for a fast full charge. The unit is provided with all wiring including throttle control and automatic shutoff for over temperature or loss of oil pressure.

The alternator is a long life large frame. It is regulated with the Smart Alternator Regulator which may be shared with the main engine alternator.

Dimensions are 30 inches long, 16 inches high and 16 inches wide. Weight is 128 pounds.

Genie 24V, 75 Amps

This G24/75 is built using the same components as the G12/150, however the alternator is designed to produce 75 Amps of continuous current at 24-Volts. Note that the unit requires 12 Volts to start and run. We can supply a 24V to 12V converter to provide 12V power.

Automatic throttle and emergency shutdown are standard. Size and weight are the same as the G12/150.

Genie 24V, 175 Amps

The G24/175 is designed to be a partner with the Trace 4000 Watts sinewave inverter, (Model SW4024), which operates from 24-volts. The G24/175 can provide 5000 Watts of DC charging to keep up with inverter demand.

Providing 175 continuous Amps of 24-volt DC current, the G24/175 is the perfect match for high power systems. The Trace SW4024 sinewave inverter has surge power to start huge loads, and the G24/175 can keep up with demands on the battery bank at the maximum continuous rating of the inverter.

Dimensions are 24L X 22W X 24H. Weight is 185 pounds. Add 40 pounds for the land based radiator model. The land based unit is also taller. Consult factory for application assistance is space is limited.

The G24/175 may be ordered with a water maker system. The high pressure pump is mounted on the engine frame and coupled with a magnetic clutch. Charge Amps are reduced when the water maker pump is engaged. Consult the factory for details.


Genie 24/175, and Genie 12/280

Genie 12V, 280 Amps

The G12/280 uses the same powerful engine as the G24/175, but produces 280 Amps at 12-volts instead of 175 Amps at 24 Volts.

Dimensions are 24L X 22W X 24H. Weight is 185 pounds.

Instrument Panel

An optional instrument panel is available with any of the Genies. This panel has gauges for water temperature, oil pressure, and an hour meter. The control switch is incorporated into the panel. Dimensions are 6 inches square.

Auxiliary Platform

Any Genie may be equipped with an auxiliary platform to mount refrigeration compressors, dive compressors, or water maker pumps. A second alternator can also be supplied ...for instance a 12 and 24 Volt unit.

Marine Installation Kit

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Hush Kit Sound Enclosure


Intake Silencer

The G150 Hush Kit

The new Hush Kit keeps the Genie 150 so quiet that you will hardly know it's running. Recent sound measurements at Shilshole Marina in Seattle showed no detectable difference over external ambient noise of about 52 db. Inside the boat, the sound was audible, but sounded like a small water pump running.

The Hush Kit includes the following components:

Dimensions for the sound shield are 16.5 inches wide, 30 inches long, and 16.75 inches high.

The Hot Water Option

While the Genies are efficient, there is waste heat which can be used to make hot water, or heat cabin spaces. Distributing this heat is done with a 12V circulating pump which is turned on and off by an electronic controller. The controller senses engine coolant temperature and turns on the pump when the engine is warm enough.

The Genie hot water system can be connected to the same coolant circuits as the main engine, however great care must be taken to keep the circuits full at all time. If interconnected with the main engine, heat will be wasted from the Genie by the main engine. For this reason it is preferable to have two coolant circuits.

Heating a water tank can be quickly accomplished by using an inverter to drive the AC heating element, and the Genie to circulate coolant through the coils in the tank. The inverter represents a large load for the Genie, so not only does it provide heat via the AC element, but it also causes the Genie to heat and thus provide more energy for the hot water tank.

The Hot Water Option includes the following components:

Ordering Information

Ample Power products are manufactured by Ample Technology, 2442 NW Market St., #43, Seattle, WA 98107 - USA




Ample Power products are manufactured by Ample Technology, 2442 NW Market St., #43, Seattle, WA 98107 - USA