Systems Navigator


Systems Navigator
Instrumentation, Control, Regulation

The Systems Navigator, Instrumentation and Control version, (IC) combines electrical system monitoring with alternator regulation, AC charger control, solar control, and wind generator control. External relays are required for solar and wind control, and alternator regulation is accomplished for one or two alternators using external and simple field driver modules.

Optionally, the SysNav-IC can perform data logging of selected parameters and download the saved data to a computer.

Features at a Glance

  • monitors house battery Volts, Amps, and temperature;
  • computes Amp-hours consumed;
  • computes Ah remaining using Peukert's equation;
  • monitors starter battery voltage for two banks;
  • monitors alternator current;
  • controls solar and wind chargers;
  • controls one or two AC operated Power Supply/Charger modules;
  • controls starter battery cross charge, parallel, solenoid;
  • diverts excess solar/wind energy to primary/secondary loads;
  • drives two external alternator field drivers;
  • provides a fast full charge with temperature compensation;
  • five membrane keys and graphics LCD provide a rich user interface;
  • interfaces to your Windows/Mac/Linux computer;
  • provides a second serial port for embedded computer applications;
  • optionally contains non-volatile memory for data logging;

Alternator Regulation

To simplify wiring and avoid radiated noice from long wires conducting field current, the SysNav-IC controls external MOSFET driver modules. The external modules can be located close to the alternator. Two driver modules can be used. Separate On/Off inputs to the modules allow them to be activated with ignition or oil pressure signals, permitting the system to regulate two alternators on two separate engines. NOTE: The alternators both must be charging the same house bank.

A side benefit of using external MOSFET alternator drivers is ease of repair. By its nature, power electronics is less reliable than low power circuits, and the alternator field driver operates an electrically challenging role. High voltage transients can easily destroy field driver circuits. With simple and inexpensive driver modules, repair is quick and easy.

AC Charger Smart Management

A multi-step, fast full charge with temperature compensation from shore power or generator is simplified with the SysNav-IC ...just add the Power Supply/Charger module rated at 55 Amps or a second module for 110 Amps. For 110 Amps at 24V, four 55 Amp units are required in series/parallel.

NOTE: the typical 24V system fails prematurely because the top and bottom 12V batteries gradually become unequal. The Ample Power solution is to charge the top and bottom 12V batteries independently, but with exactly equal voltages, eliminating any imbalance which would otherwise occur.

Power Supply/Charger modules must be ordered separately. None are available for 32V systems.

Battery Combiner

With a parallel solenoid, the SysNav-IC operates as a battery combiner, connecting the house and starter battery together whenever the house battery is being charged.

Tuning the SysNav-IC

Everything about the SysNav-IC is programmable so it can be tuned to any type of battery and the charge profile adjusted for fast charge and long battery life. Programming can be done via the LCD and keypad, or by using a computer.

Upgrading the Firmware

The operating program in the SysNav-IC is contained in flash memory, which allows it to be upgraded when features are enhanced, or new features added.

Upgrading the unit involves downloading an upgrade file and loading it into the SysNav-IC via a computer. All of the setpoints and programmable configuration options can be saved prior to an upgrade and then reloaded after the upgrade, so only new features need to be configured.

Dimensions and Mounting

The SysNav-IC front panel is 5.5 inches, (139.7 mm), wide by 4.5 inches, (114.3 mm), high. Allow 4.5 inches, (114.3 mm), depth to permit cable access. Unit requires a rectangular cutout of 5 inches, (127 mm), wide by 4 inches, (101.6 mm), high.

Ordering Information

SysNav-IC, 12-Volt #SYSNAV-IC-12
SysNav-IC, 24-Volt #SYSNAV-IC-24
SysNav-IC, 32-Volt #SYSNAV-IC-32
Parallel Solenoid, 12-Volt, 100A #SOL12-100
Parallel Solenoid, 12-Volt, 200A #SOL12-200
Parallel Solenoid, 24-Volt, 100A #SOL24-100
Parallel Solenoid, 24-Volt, 200A #SOL24-200


Ample Power products are manufactured by Ample Technology, 2442 NW Market St., #43, Seattle, WA 98107 - USA