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PS Reports $^\copyright$

Published by Ample Technology Manufacturer of Ample Power Products

Volume 1 - Issue 1 February, 1997

PS Reports

The sole purpose of PS Reports is to show how Practical Sailor1mis-leads their subscribers with incompetent or biased articles. We have no intent to insult or offend anyone, however, we believe that fiction should never masquerade as fact. Too many times we've observed that Practical Sailor fails to understand what their articles pretend to report ...we're also aware that mis-informed, but otherwise intelligent people place too much faith in what they read in Practical Sailor.

The name of our sailboat is PS. We built it from scratch, and in doing so, learned that it takes a critical eye to avoid mistakes so often associated with conventional wisdom. The symbol PS can mean many things, from simple Port and Starboard, to Perfect Sailing. It can even mean Profound Stupidity!

Whatever the true meaning of PS, the reports coming from us have a pure intent. You can't believe everything written in Practical Sailor, and we plan to tell you why.

Another Great Report

If you haven't already seen a copy of the February 1, 1997 issue of Practical Sailor, you'll want to read it. We've enjoyed it so much ...if the editor of Practical Sailor wanted to shoot himself in the foot, he has perfect aim.

Practical Sailor publishes reports that are allegedly unbaised and thorough. Over the years we've read many of their articles regarding electrical systems, and have sent letters pointing out errors and mis-conceptions. Our comments never seemed to make it into print ...we don't bother sending them letters any more.

It's been clear to us that whoever writes about electrical systems for Practical Sailor is actually quite ignorant of the subject, and only too willing to neglect facts that are readily available.

Without another source of information, many people read Practical Sailor and take its word as gospel.

When it comes to selling Ample Power products, we don't pretend to be unbiased, however, we don't and won't mis-report battery or electrical system information just to make a sale. Our reporting policy is always based on facts and considerations anyone must know to obtain and operate an energy system from any source. In fact, a great many people are able to use the information presented in our books and other publications to design and build their own electrical system without buying a single piece of commercial equipment.

Our books, Living on 12 Volts with Ample Power, and Wiring 12 Volts for Ample Power and the Ample Power Primer are open to anyone who wishes to critique the information presented. We're always open to any technical argument that will improve the performance of electrical systems.

The Great Contest

The article about alternator regulators in the February 1 article of Practical Sailor is anecdotally correct. That is, it presents an andedotal scenario which many people interpret as factual reporting.

What's wrong with the article? The deficits are great great as to demonstrate conclusively that the author(s) are grossly ignorant of DC electrical systems.

Rather than itemize the many shortcomings, we thought it would be more fun to let you find the faults. There are plenty of little mistakes, a major failure to understand experimental research, and one spectacular blowout!

So here's how you can get the best alternator regulator on the market free of charge ...send us your analysis of the February 1, 1997 Practical Sailor article. The earliest postmark on the best analysis will receive an Ample Power Next Step Regulator free! Entries must be submitted prior to August 1, 1997.

Ample Power products are manufactured by Ample Technology, 2442 NW Market St., #43, Seattle, WA 98107 - USA



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