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Published by Ample Technology Manufacturer of Ample Power Products

Volume 3 - Issue 1 November, 1999

Short Changing the Customer

No one likes to be short changed. If you pay for a product, you expect that the product lives up to its billing.

There's an old adage that a salesman once told us when it was suggested he was mis-leading a potential customer by omitting some facts that cast a different light on a product. The salesman glibbly said, ``I tell the truth all the time, just not all the truth''.

There's another adage we're all familiar with, ``don't air your dirty laundry in public''. In some ways this justifies the salesman credo, but it does point out the importance of yet another adage, ``caveat emptor'', or buyer beware.

But suppose your stated charter is to provide the ``whole truth''? If you don't do that, then you have failed to deliver the promised goods if you follow the salesman credo.

Practical Sailor Accepts No Commercial Advertising 1

Practical Sailor doesn't claim to report the whole truth, so they haven't short changed their readers with the battery charger round-up in the November 15th, 1999 issue. Some people have a fanatical faith in what's written in their reports, but the whole truth it isn't. Fanatics, of course, aren't interested in the whole truth.

In the November 15th issue, they judged eight battery chargers, and of those eight chose the Statpower TrueCharge+ as the best one. We would have made the same choice from the chargers in the round-up.

50% More for the Same Price

The whole truth has a different face. The Ample Power Smart Charger was not one of the eight chargers chosen to be in the round-up. However, a 30 Amp unit can be purchased from some Ample Power dealers for the discounted price of the Statpower 20 Amp charger.

With 50% more Amps for the same cost, and equal or better regulating characteristics, smaller, lighter, with integration connections to the Ample Power Energy Monitor, aren't the readers of Practical Sailor being short changed?

No, Practical Sailor has never claimed to tell the whole truth.

Ample Power Products are manufactured by Ample Technology, 2442 NW Market Street, #43, Seattle, WA 98107 USA

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