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EnerMatic Communications
Engine System
Redundant Engines
Solar/Wind Systems
User Interfaces
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Featured Product ...EnerMatic System


EnerMatic Controllers can synchronize operations allowing multiple engines to function together or as alternates.

One goal may be redundancy with automatic failover. In this situation it's common to alternate between the engines ...wear leveling. A system incorporating two or three engines, may be able to greatly reduce the size of the site battery. Initial and maintenance cost of batteries can be substantial, so a site without solar or wind chargers, can be well served with a small battery bank and multiple engines.

In othe cases multiple engines may be used to provide peak power by running more than one engine, when needed. A recent design for a sea platform used three engines. One engine is enough for average consumption, but two engines are necessary for peak demands. The third engine is there for reliability reasons. Wear leveling is applied across the three engines.