Systems Navigator Remote Display
Installation and Operating Manual

Release 1.0 September 9, 2005
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The Systems Navigator Remote Display, RD for short, is an LCD display with five keypads to navigate menus, observe data, and program/control various other remote units. One such unit is the EnerMatic Controller.

The RD communicates with the remote unit over a 3-wire serial interface. The menus and data that the RD shows is dependent on the remote unit, with the exception of display contrast and backlight intensity.

There are two serial ports on the RD. One is to communicate with the remote unit, and the other is to communicate with a personal computer, PC. A PC can update the firmware in the RD, adding new features and enhancing existing features. Updates are posted on

Mounting the RD

The design of the RD enclosure is relatively sealed from environmental insults, however, it should be mounted where water will not come in contact with any part of the unit.

If there is a chance that water may splash the faceplate, precautions must be taken so that water doesn't get behind the faceplate. Gasket material or a silicone sealant may be used.

Wiring the RD

Power and the signals for the two serial ports are connected to TB1. A single serial cable can be cut in two to make the serial port cables. Additional cables can be used to extend the length to as much as 60 feet.

The RD uses the same rear circuit card as the Systems Navigator, Instrumentation and Control, or IC for short. The IC is a standalone Amp-hour monitor and alternator regulator and has many wires to perform those functions which the RD doesn't need. On the RD, the rear circuit card is built without unnecessary terminal blocks.

NOTE: The serial cable wires are very small and must not be strained. Route the cables as required and then secure them so that they will not be stressed from motion or normal usage.

Operating the RD

Navigating menus is done with five keypads. Four of the keys are arrows, called Left, Right, Up, and Down ...see the image above.

Most people will be able to operate the unit after a few minutes of trial and error. The Up and Down arrows traverse menu items, and allow changes to be made to programmable entries. The Select key is used to select a menu option, or terminate a program value change. The Left key is used to back up a menu level or, when editing a programmable value to move the cursor. The Right key is also used to move the cursor.

There is a Top Menu which depends on the unit the RD is connected to. If the Left is activated at this Top Menu the RD allows contrast and backlighting to be adjusted, using the keypad. On screen help information is provided.


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