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Living on 12 Volts with Ample Power


Revised, updated and expanded in 2004, Living on 12 Volts with Ample Power, has been a marine best-seller for over 20 years and is a must for anyone seriously interested in electrical systems.

Here's what others say about Living on 12 Volts. In the April 1988 issue of National Fisherman Technical Editor John Gardner writes, ``There is not a shred of technical jargon in the whole book. Elementary electrical concepts are explained for the benefit of those to whom the subject is new, as is so seldom done in technical writing.''

After a thorough review of the book, Mr. Gardner concludes, ``An extensive index makes reference easy and completes a book that is outstanding for systematic organization. And finally it should be said this book is a model of lucid expository style - meaning it is easy and agreeable to read.''

Nigel Calder, noted marine author of three books, Refrigeration for Pleasure Boats, Marine Diesel Engines: Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repair, and Repairs at Sea, writes about Living on 12 Volts. He says, ``a book of this kind is long overdue and should be compulsory reading for boat builders.'' We agree.

This book contains the most authoritative information about AC, and DC equipment within small energy systems. Applicable to boats, RV's and remote homes. Covers conventional lead-acid batteries as well as newer sealed technology. Battery chargers explained; how they work, and why they don't. The DC alternator and proper regulation is thoroughly discussed. Essential facts regarding wind generators are presented. The workings of solar panels and how to use them effectively is explained. AC within the alternate energy system is explained with a special section devoted to electrolysis prevention aboard boats. All aspects of refrigeration are thoroughly detailed. Effective battery management is introduced and details on how you can achieve it are presented.

Special appendices are provided to allow you to design or re-design the optimum system for your needs.

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